A trip to the farm

Once i’ve visited a farm.. but strangely, there were no animals or even people in that place. At first glance, it was basically a deserted land.

Except for a single lonely animal that stood loose in the pasture area.

It was a tiny sheep. As i’ve crouched down nearby to the fence, we’ve stared through it and at each other, in silence, for a long time. Until so, when she decided to speak.

"Please adopt me.." she mumbled to me.

I took a moment to ponder, as she stared into me, fixedly.

"I’m sorry, sheep." But i had to politely decline. "As far i’m concerned about caring for sheeps, you’d need a pasture to live, na? Sadly.. i live on the city. There are hadly any pastures in there. Just a little garden grass won’t do."

Her eyes grew doleful with the answer.

Though, regardless if my justification seemed reasonable or not, she’d still insist in the same idea. 

"Please adopt me."

"But do you understand? I wouldn’t possibly subdue you to a life confined inside a tiny apartment and you.. wouldn’t possibly subdue me into dedicating myself entirely at raising a sheep by home. Would you?"

She frowned.

"Would that be fair? To both us?"

"Please adopt me!" I’ve heard it again. 

And again. “P-p-pleee-eease! PLEASE a-aaAAa-dopt me!”

PLEASE ADOPT ME!!" She was clearly obstinate about it and snarled to me in a very unsheep-like manner.


There was hardly any reasoning involved into this, at all.

Maybe it was my own fault, for not speaking sheep. Was she even listening anyway?

"But look. I promise to visit you everyday. How about that? You must be quite lonely, that’s why you do insist so much?"

Being frank, I was lonely too. 

Yet, due to my own and very righteous self-imposed reasons. Not that they’d matter much for an explanation now, but the point is that I’d hardly ever feel bothered about it.

Nowadays, i live on a tent beside the fence in the farm. We spend the days trading stares and by mere few steps that i might take away from the fence, i’m confronted with her disapproving glare, as if i were to be committing a crime.

Ji haa, maybe i was a bit too permissive, as the circumstances had grown to the point of redundancy. I can hardly deny now about my constant dedication to her.

Hopefully though for this all to be just a phase. As she might overcome soon.

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