Things which Occur Naturally with Mindfulness


We talk a lot, or I suppose to say that I talk a lot about mindfulness.  This state of consciousness of being in the now, reminiscent of our child state. We first train in concentration. Then we use this technique to develop this mindfulness first in our meditation practice then in our daily lives.  Here are some things that you might notice as your practice bears results:

    • you will become more patient
    • you will become more observant of detail
    • the world shall seem like a place where everything is alive
    • you will pay more attention to people around you
    • you will notice the stories and interactions going on around you
    • you will be less habitual
    • you will change routine easier
    • you will see connections everywhere
    • you will see patterns everywhere
    • you will use all of your senses to examine your  world
    • you will breathe slower and with more focus
    • you will have a quieter more serene outlook
    • you will feel less judgmental and more compassionate
    • you will smile a lot more
    • You will be slow to anger and quick to forgive


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